Meet Val

In June of 2008, My mom came from Haiti to visit me for a couple of weeks and during her stay I noticed her breathing was not quite right as she took more time to climb a small number of stairs. Upon taking her to the hospital, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Breast Cancer and given 6 months to live.  

Being with her at every doctor appointments, I made sure that my mother was only made aware that she had a chronic cancer disease for which she had to get continuous treatment.  I made sure that she never heard the word “TERMINAL”.  By my mother not hearing the word “TERMINAL” and the help of modern medicine right here in Dallas, and the care I provided to her, my mom lived past 4 years which totally went against the initial prognosis given to us on June of 2008.

Each Sunday, during those 4 years, was a ritual for us to bake and try desserts.  She would finish her desserts sometimes before touching her main course I would fix for her.  She would stay at the house and we’d spend the whole week discussing what kind of cake we were going to bake.  That went on for four years through countless cheesecake batters until her passing in August of 2012.

After her passing, I wrote a short and sweet letter to the owner of Oddfellows (Matt Spillers) in Bishop Arts and after tasting the many cheesecakes I brought for him, he decided to carry the cheesecakes at two of his establishments.  From that point, I decided to start a business by selling our cheesecakes to other restaurants.  After 2 years of moonlighting as a baker after my civil engineering day job in the kitchen of St Paul United Methodist church, I decided to open a storefront located at 3906 Maple Avenue which is now our first location called THE SHACK.

From the colors seen at THE SHACK & now at THE SHOP, the recipes and overall vibe, this story and journey are daily tributes to my mom, Marie Jose Labossiere, who was a phenomenal, strong and smart business woman.  I hope to be at least half of what this woman meant to me in terms of perseverance, guts and sweet disposition.

Thanks Mom...I love you,